Group Minimum: 15 or more tickets to the same performance for Broadway shows and 10 or more for Family Series & Smith Theatre shows. Seats can be split into different price levels.

Contracts and Procedures:

  • When reserving tickets an invoice will be issued. Please check to make sure
    date(s), time(s), number of tickets, and seat locations are correct.

Deposit Requirements:

  • A 15% deposit is due upon receipt of your invoice.

Final Payment:

  • Your final payment is due six weeks before the start of the show. Your final payment due date will be stated on your invoice.
  • Tickets may only be purchased with a single form of payment. You may pay by credit card, mailing a check or money order to the Group Sales Department, Dept. 590, P.O. Box 8000 Buffalo, NY 14267.
  • Failure to remit your deposit will result in the immediate release of all seats on hold. Please contact the Group Sales Department on or before the payment due dates if you are concerned about the status of your payments.
  • Your tickets will be mailed once we receive your final payment.

Adding & Reducing Seats:

  • A group may request additional seats depending on availability. The Group Sales Department will attempt to get the seats as close to the original booking location as possible.
  • If you need to reduce your order, please contact the group sales office as soon as possible. You may reduce your number of seats by no more than 10% of the original order. Orders that are reduced by more than 10% will forfeit a portion of their deposit on those seats above 10%; the remainder of the deposit will be applied to the seats held.
  • Should your group fall below 15; your deposit will be applied to the sale of seats at full price.


  • Groups that cancel their order before final payment is due may transfer their deposit to another show within the same season. Groups that cancel their order after the final payment due date will forfeit their deposit.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Failure to comply with payment schedule will result in the releasing of your seats.
  • When possible, please note any special seating requirements in advance or time of booking.
  • All group orders will include a $7.50 handling fee.  Tickets will be issued upon receipt of final payment.  Tickets are subject to availability.
  • All dates, times, shows, and prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • Shea’s is not responsible for any losses incurred by individuals or organizations. 
  • In the case of inclement weather exchanges and refunds cannot be issued unless the performance is canceled by the producers.   
In the interest of preserving affordable ticket prices for all patrons:

Shea’s Performing Arts Center is not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties. We reserve the right to refuse to sell tickets to identified ticket brokers and scalpers.  We also reserve the right to revoke any tickets sold to identified ticket brokers and scalpers through a full refund at face value.  Anyone holding a revoked ticket will not be allowed in the theatre.   “Scalpers" and ticket brokers are not recognized ticketing agents of Shea’s Performing Arts Center. If you purchase from a non-authorized person, you risk purchasing a lost or stolen ticket that is not valid for admittance into Shea’s for the event in question.  Shea’s employs scanning technology for admittance to events.  Only valid tickets will scan to authorize entry into the theatre for the event.  Lost or stolen tickets may be deactivated and thus will not be valid for entry into the theatre for the event in question.  Anyone who purchases tickets from a scalper or ticket broker does so at his or her own risk.  We urge everyone to purchase tickets at the Shea’s Box Office, online at or, by phone at 852-5000 or at authorized Ticketmaster locations including FYE stores.

Thank you and enjoy the show!

Mary Oshei
Group Sales Associate
PH:(716) 829-1153

Shea’s Performing Arts Center.  646 Main Street. Buffalo, NY 14202
FAX: (716) 847.1644